How We Review No Deposit Casinos & Bonuses 2024

We want to make sure you’re never disappointed by an online casino bonus again. Our solution is a strict review process that’s built on real data and first-hand testing. In this article we’ll tell you exactly how we check every online casino, promotion and bonus to ensure only the best of the best makes its way onto our site. You’ll learn about our processes for analysing and vetting – resulting in a collection of the best exclusive casino bonuses for Australian players. In fact, we’re so confident about everything we put out there, we call it the ‘ Guarantee’.

What You Can Expect From Our Listed Casinos & Bonuses

There are a lot of online casinos out there, but they don’t all make the grade. We operate a serious review system, and we’d never put our stamp of approval on a site we weren’t 100% certain of. 

We operate a strict checklist to ensure that every Australian online casino we promote is fully licensed, loaded with the best games, secured by top of the range encryption, has a trained customer support team, offers flexible AUD payment options, and – drumroll – doles out genuinely rewarding casino bonuses.

We’re All About Finding The Best Casino Bonuses 

At, we believe that a solid bonus is the foundation of a great online casino. In fact, our expert team really shines when it comes to bonus analysis. Over the years, we’ve built up an extensive bonus database, which is carefully maintained and updated daily. 

We’re meticulous about how we decide if a bonus makes the grade. And in the next section you’ll find out exactly what we mean. 

The Ultimate Casino Bonus Checklist 

Our bonus database is second to none. Every online casino goes through an identical vetting process – both at the start and then periodically for updating purposes. This ensures a standardised and continuous level of quality across the board. 

These are the touchpoints we keep a very close eye on:

  • Australia-Specific
    Casinos and bonuses that make the cut must be geared towards Aussie players like you. We make sure the payment methods are compatible, and handpick casinos that offer great value bonuses that are relevant to the Australian market.
  • Database Crosscheck
    Our casino bonuses are based on real data. We only recommend a bonus once it’s been compared and assessed against thousands of bonus offers from hundreds of casinos. That way we ensure unbiased bonus offers of standardised quality.
  • Comparative Analysis
    We register every single detail of the bonus terms to carry out extremely detailed comparisons and accurate assessments. We examine external competitor offers to be certain that we’re giving Aussies access to the best value bonuses around.
  • Fully Tested
    Our team tests every single offer to ensure all bonuses are easy to claim and work exactly as promised. This means full checks starting at registration and ending at the withdrawal stage. We even have a chat with customer support.
  • Maintenance Checks
    Expired bonuses have no place at We run frequent checks to ensure that all offers are valid, that the terms remain unchanged, and that the casino is still conducting itself ethically and safely.
  • Small Print Guarantee
    We read all terms and conditions extensively. It’s the only way to guarantee that the bonus is genuine and fair. Our team also increases T&C transparency by placing all crucial information front and center.
  • Background Check
    Even when faced with a fantastic bonus with seemingly fair terms, the team will still vet the casino itself. We want to be absolutely certain that the site has no history of withholding bonus winnings, stalling payments or any other shady tactics.

How We Rate A Casino Bonus

The parameters of a casino bonus tells you more about how an online casino operates than almost any other factor. Each offer comes with its own terms and conditions that set out just how much value the casino is willing to pass on to the player.

Some of these terms can feel confusing or evasive, but we specialise in knowing exactly where to look, assessing what’s fair and what isn’t.

Here are just some of the factors we consider:

If you’ve been around online casinos for a while then you’re probably already familiar with how wagering requirements work. Not only do these tell you how much you need to wager before you can turn your bonus cash into real cash, but they also indicate the casino’s etiquette.

If wagering requirements are set too high, it becomes almost impossible for you to cash out. The casino is being unfair and making promises it knows it doesn’t have to follow through on. Wagering requirements over 40x are generally not recommended.

A casino could offer you 1,000 free spins, but if your win is limited to a maximum of $10 your bonus value is very low. On the other hand, an offer of 50 free spins with a win cap of $100 is a far more alluring prospect.

Unfortunately, unless you read the fine print, it’s easy to get lured in by a flashy offer with no real substance. Luckily, at we’re meticulous about checking these terms and making sure we bring the information front and centre.

It’s very common, and perfectly acceptable, for an online casino to limit a bonus to one game or a selection of games. What isn’t acceptable is offering players a juicy bonus on games with inappropriate RTP and volatility

For example, when it comes to bonus spins, your aim is to eke out small wins on a frequent basis, buying you enough time to hopefully hit the big time. That’s why the eligible games for a bonus should be top quality, giving you a fair shot at success.

Bonuses don’t last forever, and that’s fair enough. But a quality bonus gives players a decent window to enjoy the offer and compete for a real cash win. 

There are two time frames to keep your eye on; the time you have to use the bonus, and the time you have to meet wagering requirements. The former is generally shorter than the latter.

As a rule of thumb, you should have a minimum of 24 hours to play bonus spins, up to 30 days to use bonus cash, and a further 30 days to meet wagering requirements across all bonus offers.

Expert Advice
Kevin Kewell
Kevin Kewell

Constant Monitoring Is What Sets Us Apart

While running checks is great, it’s not enough to just do it once.

We operate a system of frequent sweeps, where we periodically check back in with both the online casino and the bonus itself, to ensure it’s maintaining its quality standard.

Myself and the rest of the team are meticulous about keeping our database updated – so all you have to do is click and play.

How We Decide If A Casino Makes The Cut

We don’t take things at face value. When a casino launches a bonus, we never get excited until we’ve taken a good, long look under the hood.

Your online casino experience is determined by a number of factors, including: 

  1. Offers and incentives (there must be a constant stream of bonuses, promos and rewards)
  2. Site functionality and design (the site must be easy to use and operate without glitches)
  3. Special features and tools (the ability to set limits, loyalty schemes, game search filters)
  4. Customer support accessibility (24 hour service is always awarded extra points)
  5. Site content and providers (available games must be both top quality and varied)
  6. Limitations imposed by T&Cs (all bonus and payment terms should be fair and reasonable)

We funnel everything through our rigorous three step testing process.

In the following section we’ll walk you through our assessment process:

It always begins and ends with the online casino. They dictate their terms, standards of process and the level of quality they choose to offer players like you. That’s why analysing the site itself is our first port of call.

There are two major points that we take into consideration, as these directly impact the casino’s entire output. Read on to understand how licensing and security form the foundations of a quality site. 

Licensing And Legality

There are a number of online casino licences, each catering to different countries around the globe.

However, three licences in particular are likely to crop up over and over again at the majority of online casinos catering for Aussie players:

The UKGC, MGA and GCB keep good company with a number of other global licences from Sweden, Italy, Finland, Denmark, France, Ontario, New Jersey, and more. 

Every licence comes with its own specific rules and regulations, safeguarding the players of the sites that subscribe to them. It would be fair to say that not all licences operate the same level of standards. 

That being said, if an online casino operates with a recognised licence, you should feel safe in the notion that the site is subject to audits and legal obligations. You’ll also have a place for legal recourse should things go wrong. 

Any online casino that operates without a licence is entirely illegal and should always be avoided.

Data Security And Encryption 

When you sign up to an online casino, you’re entrusting it with a lot of your personal and financial data. This information is highly sensitive and must be treated with great care. 

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is the best way to guarantee data safety. You’re very likely to have come across the term a number of times, but are none the wiser as to what on Earth it actually means. 

In simple terms, SSL encryption is a coded technology that ensures all the data you send to the online casino is made unreadable by third parties. That even includes the casino’s employees. Think of it as a curtain between you and the site, it allows communication but not visibility. 

Online casinos that don’t offer this as a minimum level of protection will never pass our review process.

Safety and security may be essential, but it’s not exactly thrilling. On the other hand, our standards for assessing the user experience of an online casino are far more engaging. 

When you sign up to an online casino, you’re there for the games, promotions, bonuses, as well as a sleek mobile and desktop user experience. As far as we’re concerned, if all these factors don’t come together seamlessly, the online casino isn’t one that we’d recommend.  

The Best Games From Around The World

Imagine walking into a land-based casino and being faced with a single rickety slot machine and an ancient blackjack table. You’d almost certainly turn on your heel and go to another establishment.

Online casinos are no different. If the game content isn’t top notch, there are plenty of other sites just a single click away. Our expert team combs through the game library of each potential online casino.

We rank the quality based on:

  • Variety of categories (there must be a selection of slots, jackpots, table games, bingo, live dealer, etc.)
  • Quality of providers (we always look out for industry heroes like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming)
  • In-game incentives (access to Daily Drops, Daily Jackpots, Hourly Jackpots etc.)
  • Game turnover (we assess how frequently new games and genres are added)

Promotions and Bonuses That Offer Real Value

The casino’s promotion section is where all the extra value is stashed. Part of our job is to scrutinise this page and comb through every offer. You shouldn’t take promos and bonuses at face value, because the fine print is where all the practical information is hiding.

For example, if a promo page informs us that 200 free spins can be triggered by a $10 deposit, our job is to understand if the player has a fair chance of walking away with real cash, or if they’ll be tied up by unachievable targets.

Online casinos set out important promotional terms in up to three different places (and we check them all):

Main terms – This is the information listed upfront on the promo page. It usually sets out things like the minimum deposit, validity and a link to extended terms.

Bonus terms – Not always used as some sites subsume all information into the general terms. If available, you’ll usually be able to access these via a link from the main terms, or you’ll find them in the footer of the site. They go into full detail about all the different bonuses available.

General terms – These are usually a lengthy collection of sections and clauses that cover all the small print pertaining to the online casino as a whole. There will also be a section covering bonus terms and conditions.

There are many dodgy online casinos that bury predatory terms in hidden places and confusing language to deliberately mislead you. A promotion might sound great, but the terms and mechanics make it impossible for you to win. 

We’re exceptionally careful to weed these unethical operators out. If we decide that the casino offers fair terms and conditions that don’t place a disproportionate burden on players, then we feel justified in recommending their offers. 

Never Accept Less Than A Stellar UX

The term user experience (UX) is a bit of a catch-all term for the various touch points you interact with as you engage with the casino site.

It includes things like:

  • Mobile functionality (how the site responds to taps, swipes and smaller screens, as well as how any available app performs)
  • Flow and navigation (the ease of going from section to section, and whether items are placed where you’d intuitively expect)
  • Design and build (if the site feels sleek, polished and professional, setting out information neatly and clearly)
  • Helpful features (we love impressive game library filters, unique tools for game selection, and any other options to customise your experience)

All these aspects must come together to bring you a thoroughly enjoyable experience, allowing you to lose yourself within the games. 

Our team always conducts a full spec test run of every online casino before promoting it. We set up an account and take it for a spin, looking out for any possible glitches, annoying lapses in design or functionality, and so on.

If something is somewhat lacking, but not a dealbreaker, we’ll simply make a note of it in our casino review. If the site UX is so lacking that it infringes upon enjoyment, then we won’t recommend it at all. 

You’d never sign up to an online casino if you didn’t hope to cash out at some point. And when that happy time comes, you have the right to expect it to go without a hitch. 

Should things go awry (because sometimes life just happens that way) then you absolutely must have access to a friendly and helpful customer support team. 

This doesn’t seem like a lot to ask – but many online casinos invariably stumble at these hurdles. Read on to find out how we conduct a comprehensive test run on both payments and support.

Payment Options  

These days, a wide range of flexible online payment options aren’t a luxury – they should come as standard. A good quality casino will offer payment methods geared towards Aussies specifically, as well as more generic options that are globally renowned. 

We road test every online casino to ensure that they have a healthy selection of payment methods, including:

Credit Cards and Debit Cards (VISA and MasterCard are generally the bare minimum)

E-wallets (super fast options like PayPal, ecoPayz, Neteller, and Skrill)

Cash options (like PaySafeCard for deposits but never withdrawals)

Bank transfers (a slow but steady option that’s not always offered by newer casinos)

Cryptocurrency (only offered by some newer online casinos but it’s becoming more common)

Processing Times & Fees 

There are two aspects to the withdrawal phase:

  • The time required for the casino to process your withdrawal
  • The time required for the payment provider to complete the transaction

Only the former is within the control of the online casino – so we only factor this part of the withdrawal process into our rating system. 

A reputable online casino will never distinguish between a win derived from a bonus and a win that was a direct result of a deposit. The withdrawal speed and efficiency should always remain the same. 

We’re also very strict on casinos that employ unfair stalling tactics (beyond basic KYC procedure) that’s designed to cause you to give up and play your winnings instead of withdrawing them.

Another pet peeve is online casinos that impose highly limiting restrictions on the amount you can withdraw within 24 hours, one week and one month. While limits are understandable safeguards, they should be reasonable and cater to players with all kinds of budgets.

Our testing protocols cover all of these instances, ensuring that the casino never discriminates and operates a fair policy for all withdrawals. As a general rule, we would expect the online casino to process withdrawals within a 24 hour window.

A Casino That’s Awake Whenever You Are

There’s nothing worse than encountering a problem and having no one to take it to. This is especially concerning when your funds and personal information are involved. We take this very seriously, and conduct thorough examinations on every online casino we feature.

The ideal online casino will offer:

24 hour customer support (ensuring there are no issues with Aussie time zones)

Support in multiple languages (many casinos operate across Europe and internationally)

A fully trained team (able to deal with site glitches, bonusing issues and responsible gaming protocols)

Of course, we also take into consideration that not all online casinos will offer the works. Some casinos might stick to business hours rather than being available around the clock, or a few languages might be outside of their remit.

While limitations will be noted in our reviews, they aren’t necessarily deal-breakers and can still be considered quality casinos.

Meet The Team 

At, we’re proud to say that we’re exceptionally picky when it comes to our team members. We’re a group of analysis-obsessed individuals with extensive experience in the world of online casinos. 

Our review process is built on a combination of data analysis and hands-on testing. We believe this is the only way to stay on top of developments and ensure we only recommend the best in the business. 

As a site dedicated to Australian players, we look at things through a very particular lens. This means our rating system is tailored to appeal to the specific likes and dislikes of Aussie players.