Responsible Gambling

Online casinos have a vested interest in attracting users to their platforms for engaging in gambling activities. However, they also have a responsibility to provide and encourage responsible gambling practices – safeguarding the well-being and financial stability of players. This guide will look at the ways you can address these concerns yourself, also providing a push towards professional support organisations if needed. 

Responsible Gambling Explained

Responsible gambling encompasses a range of initiatives undertaken by various stakeholders within the gambling industry, namely governments, operators and players themselves. These initiatives are designed to uphold the integrity of gambling activities while fostering awareness of the potential risks.

Key Topics Covered in This Article:

  • From the perspective of you, the player, we aim to provide practical guidance on assuming control over your gambling habits. Additionally, we’ll try to shed light about common pitfalls and present strategies on how to avoid them.
  • All the online casinos we endorse at AussieBonuses adhere to responsible gambling principles, prioritising the creation of a trustworthy and transparent environment. Furthermore, these platforms offer dedicated responsible gambling tools which we will also delve into. 

How to Gamble Responsibly

All players should keep the following tips in mind before they begin to gamble online in any form:

  • Gambling should not be relied upon as a long-term source of income
    You must recognise that consistent winning at an online casino is not sustainable. The house edge (an element of all casino games) tips the odds in their favour over long term play.
  • Approach gambling as a form of entertainment
    View gambling as a recreational activity, akin to watching movies or socialising with friends. If you do happen to win, consider it a pleasant bonus rather than something indicative of future income. 
  • Create a gambling budget and schedule
    Evaluate your disposable income and allocate a reasonable amount for gambling on a set basis. Likewise, set aside specific time slots for gambling, ensuring it does not encroach upon your social commitments. Treat these boundaries as non-negotiable.
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules
    Take the time to learn the rules and strategies of casino games, especially with an element of skill required. Poor decision-making in these games can lead to unfavourable outcomes and potential frustration.
  • Maintain sobriety while gambling
    It is crucial to remain sober whilst approaching any form of gambling; it’s far easier to lose track of our spending whilst we are intoxicated. Similarly, avoid playing at an online casino when in any state of emotional duress as this will affect your temperament. 
  • Avoid using gambling as a solution for personal problems
    Gambling should not be seen as a remedy for depression, loneliness or other personal challenges. These issues cannot be resolved through gambling and may even exacerbate them.

Online Gambling – Adults Only

In Australia, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 act banned online gambling in the form of casinos and slots for anyone under the age of 18. Beware that, if minors are residing in your household, it becomes your responsibility to prevent them accessing gambling platforms using your account. 

Implementing precautionary measures is vital in this regard, with measures including:

  • Log out of your gambling sessions every time you finish, ensuring unauthorised access is prevented.
  • Keep your account passwords securely out of children’s reach.
  • Install applications such as Qustodio for an extra layer of protection, effectively blocking children’s access to gambling sites on their own devices.

By undertaking these precautions, you contribute to creating a safe environment and safeguarding minors from engaging in inappropriate gambling activities.

Age Verification at Australian Online Gambling Sites

To combat money laundering and ensure responsible online wagering practices, Australia has implemented identity verification at online casinos. This regulatory framework will ask you to confirm your age before a 14-day period, although this may be reduced to 72 hours under new recommendations. 

This verification process requires certified documents to be sent digitally to the casino, which themselves can be cross-checked with various data sources. Typical proof of age documents include a passport, driver’s licence, Australian electoral roll proof or ASIC records. 

Expert Advice
Kevin Kewell
Kevin Kewell

Remember To Register With Accurate Info!

When signing up to a new casino via AussieBonuses, I can’t stress enough how important it is to register using the correct personal details. If you sign up as a ‘Sheila Smith’ but your real/passport name is Shirley Jones, then the casino won’t be able to verify your account and be legally entitled to withhold winnings! 

Responsible Gambling Tools at Online Casinos

It is paramount to highlight the significance of certain tools offered by all reputable online casinos. These tools are specifically designed to promote responsible gambling behaviour, enabling individuals to maintain control over their spending and gameplay. While utilising these tools is not compulsory, we strongly encourage their adoption.

Below, we’ll delve into the various facilities at your disposal and provide some guidance on their usage. It’s worthwhile familiarising yourself with their potential use, if not for the present time then possibly for use further down the line.

Reality Checks and Time Limits
It’s all too easy to lose track of your time spent playing at an online casino with the abundance of games on offer. The reality check tool is perfect in this regard, producing a pop-up notification which informs how long you’ve been playing and current profit/loss alongside a log out option.

Deposit and Wager Limits
You are able to limit your spending up to a specified amount over a set period, typically a day, week or month. As soon as this limit has been reached, it is impossible to exceed this amount until the period has elapsed. 

At the majority of Australian online casinos, whilst any decrease to your selected limit will take effect immediately, increases will take effect after 7 days.

Take A Break and Self-Exclusion
Any reputable online casino should make it accessible to take a break from gambling activities. This is a temporary measure and can last from 24-hours up to a few weeks or months. It may be possible to reopen your account during this period if the casino is satisfied you are in the right frame of mind to do so.  

A permanent self-exclusion is a finite measure that will permanently block you from the casino and sometimes other brands managed by the same operator. This tool is often used by players who believe they are at risk of addiction and is the safest way to prevent any self-harm taking place.

Expert Advice
Kevin Kewell
Kevin Kewell

Operator Exclusion

The licensed brands we endorse at AussieBonuses all have a responsibility to protect their players at all times. This means tracking and monitoring patterns of behaviour for signs of dangerous play. Should the casino team believe you’re at risk, they may decide to block your account on your behalf. 

Recognising Gambling Addiction

To avoid relying solely on subjective intuition when gauging the presence of potential gambling addiction, we have provided a self-assessment test provided by Gambling Therapy, a registered organisation in England. 

If you answer ‘yes’ to three or more of the following questions, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional assistance promptly:

  1. Do you spend excessive amounts of money and/or time on gambling?
  2. Have you gambled away money that was originally intended to cover household bills?
  3. Have you jeopardised or lost a relationship due to your gambling habits?
  4. Have you risked or lost your home or job as a result of your gambling activities?
  5. Do you experience difficulties in sleeping due to gambling-related problems?
  6. Do you engage in gambling with the aim of recouping previous losses?
  7. Do you deceive others about the extent of your gambling involvement?

Gambling Addiction Treatment

It is now firmly established that problem gambling, or gambling addiction, is recognised as a medical disorder rather than solely a result of social upbringing. Its prevalence in the country is significant, with a study by the Australian Gambling Research Centre showing around 40% of Aussies gamble at least once per week. 

Upon engaging in gambling activities, it is advisable to regularly undertake self-assessment tests to monitor your gambling behaviour. If the test indicates the presence of a gambling problem, it is crucial to take immediate action. 

Consider implementing self-exclusion measures across all online gambling platforms, inform a close family member about the situation and reach out to a professional organisation for assistance.

Various treatment options are available across the country, tailored to individual needs with qualified professionals.

For those who prefer anonymity, certain treatments provide the option of complete privacy, which include:

  • Online or telephone consultations.
  • Online group therapy.
  • Face-to-face consultations
  • Rehabilitation programs.

To conclude, the National Gambling Helpline offers free, professional and confidential support 24-hours a day. You can reach them via phone on 1800 858 858. 

By state, support services include:

These organisations offer valuable resources, support and guidance to individuals seeking assistance with problem gambling, ensuring a confidential and compassionate approach to recovery.

Helping A Friend

When dealing with a loved one’s gambling addiction, it is common for individuals to deny the problem and resist seeking treatment. As a concerned family member or friend, it is crucial to take proactive action.

If this applies to someone you know, point them in the direction of our self-assessment test. If you notice signs of problem gambling, gently encourage them to seek professional help. Approach the situation with empathy, providing support instead of judgement.

At this point, it’s best to try and involve professionals or support organisations specialising in gambling addiction. They can provide guidance, resources and interventions as needed.